We hope that the country will be well and Sichuan will be well!
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We hope that the country will be well and Sichuan will be well!

At 22:55 in June 17th, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred in Shuanghe Town, Changning County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province!

Although many of us have not experienced the earthquake, we are equally worried and heartbroken in the moment we saw the news report in which the land was ruined, the number of casualties was increased, and the father who lost his child cried.

We hope that the country will be well and Sichuan will be well!


The seismic belts in China are especially distributed in the central and western regions, including Tibet, Yunnan, Sinkiang, Szechwan, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and some other provinces. Earthquakes below level 6 often occur in these areas, and they are all devastating shallow earthquakes.

The deaths and injuries of people in the earthquake are mostly caused by collapsed buildings or damaged houses. The houses in rural China are heavily constructed of brick-concrete structures, which are heavy and have a large earthquake force. And the construction quality is difficult to ensure. When an earthquake strikes, most houses collapse. If a house with brick-concrete structure is not equipped with ring beams and structural columns, it will not form the integrity of the structure. Such a house has poor seismic performance and no redundancy. It cannot resist continuous collapse, and is easy to collapse as a whole.

After each earthquake, we heard reports of how many houses were collapsed and how many people were killed or injured. According to expert analysis, 95% of casualties are caused by the collapse of houses in earthquakes. Therefore, increasing the overall earthquake resistance of buildings is the key to the problem!

Light-weight steel-assembled buildings are preferred for earthquake-resistant buildings:

The construction of low-rise houses with steel structures has several characteristics: The load-bearing structural frame is solid and reliable, and has a certain room for elastic deformation; Moreover, the main body of the light steel structure house has a strong pinching effect under the horizontal force, which ensures that the seismic performance of the house can reach the earthquake level 9 without collapse. In addition, the light steel house has good seismic performance. Since the earthquake is a left-right and up-and-down activity, the light steel structure connected by screws together forms a safe and stable box during the earthquake, and there is no problem that the wall collapses or the floor falls.

The ALC panels of Yuanda House (Qingdao) Co., Ltd adopt Steel Frame-Ribbed Column Box System, or RBC system for short.

The unique box structure of the system can make buildings as a whole unit with high seismic performance. And it can meet the requirements of 8 degree seismic fortification. The house is connected to the foundation by evenly arranged chemical bolts, so that it has high wind resistance and can withstand strong winds of maximum 40m/s.

RCB system housing seismic test

Level 8 earthquake test picture

How fragile our lives are in the face of disasters. Please care for life and respect life. Let us use quality to resist disasters, build a strong life safety line for human beings, and build a home that can withstand natural disastersespecially earthquakes.

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