Addu badminton hall on-site construction report
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Addu badminton hall on-site construction report

During the past Mid-autumn holiday!

Some employees of Yuanda house are still working hard instead of holiday because of the tight  project schedule and the heavy task.

Im going to show you today! the Addu badminton hall project in Maldives

architectural rendering and house plan

First picture

Another angle

Addu badminton hall project in Maldives has started on September 3rd,The whole area of the project is about 1590.52square meters, total height is 7.43meters,construction time is only 30 days

Why can we build it so fast?

Because this project is applied with prefabricated steel structure construction technology!

The technology completely realizes factory prefabrication and assembly on-site

All construction materials for this project are provided by Yuanda House (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

Engineer Yao, who is in charge of on-site instruction of this project, leads the local construction team. He is working together with the workers on the construction site in an orderly manner. At night time, the night manager will keep an eye on it, and urge the workers to carry out the construction work strictly in accordance with the requirements of technical requirements.

“Although the project construction time is short and the task is heavy, we are still very confident that, with the strength and professional instruction of Yuanda house company, we can complete it on time in 30 days with high quality. “ The director of Maldives engineering team told the reporter of local TV station.

Interview photo

Transportation of all materials and loading photo

Local workers and Engineer Yao

Introduction of the construction process:

Photos of foundation construction


 Photos of installation on-site

Photos of main structure finished & second floor hoisting

main structure for double stories completed in 7 days

Environment friendly, no noise pollution, fast and efficient in the whole installation process

The finished plan of Addu badminton hall is coming soon

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