155m2 two-storey countryside villa
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155m2  two-storey countryside villa

Suitable area: countryside, urban and suburban

With the development of the domestic market, Yuanda company has developed the new products: Prefab Urban House, Prefab Apartment project in village,

In October 2019, our company has completed the first countryside villa project, Materials Cost: USD45714.00/SETWelcome to visit the prefabricated sample house in Qingdao.

Introduction: Steel Structure Prefab Villa


Layout: three bed rooms, three halls, one kitchen  two baths.

Building Height: One layer is 3.4 meters high ,The second floor is 2.9 meters high

Site Area: 11 M *9 M

Material Preparation: 25 days

Construction Time: 40 days

Contact information:

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whatsapp/Tel Number:+86 13791994562