Let's fight Coronavirus(COVID-19) together
Release time:2020/03/02      Browse:149

The sudden outbreak of Coronavirus(COVID-19) had a great impact on China than SARS in 2003 and also affect China's economy and even the world economy.

Yuanda House company actively responds to the national policy, cooperates with the outbreak prevention and control, delays the resumption of work, and prevents the spread of the virus from our own. At present, China has made remarkable achievements in the prevention and control of the new coronavirus, and the number of daily confirmed cases of the virus is decreasing. I believe our great country will regain its healthy posture and prosper soon.

The new coronavirus wreaked havoc in China. It also affected the world more or less. South Korea, just across the sea from us, was another victim and has now become the second disaster area besides Wuhan. We did our best to prepare masks for our clients in Korea and send to them. We hope the virus can be controlled as soon as possible.

Winter will pass soon, and spring is coming. At present, Yuanda House (Qingdao) Co., LTD, fights and gets through the difficult times with our country and customers together for the coming beautiful future.