Huoshenshan Hospital was completed in 10 days. The prefab container house has refreshed the world's perception
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What can you do in 10 days? You may not be able to finish a book; you may not be able to get a client; you may not be able to complete a course task; you may think 10 days is too short. But only in 10 days, Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital has been entirely completed its construction work:


Hundreds of excavators arrived at the site and began to level the land


Huoshenshan hospital officially started to construct


The general plan of the building was completed, and the first model room was built


Site leveling, gravel and sand backfill completed

Hoisting and construction of the first batch of container house


The steel structure of the double-decker ward was taking shape


The installation of the frames of more than 300 container houses has been completed

Mechanical and electrical pipeline was going synchronously


High density polyethylene film laying completed 

Equipment hoisting in sewage treatment room was carried out simultaneously


90% of the containers have been assembled

Frame installation has been finished with 3000 square meters


Fully carry out the medical equipment installation


All construction work completed

In contrast, the Leishenshan Hospital is even faster. Its scale is nearly twice of Huoshenshan Hospital. But in just 12 days, it has been officially completed and delivered.

"Behind the speed is the innovation of China's construction technology." The construction of the two hospitals uses the industry's most advanced prefabricated building technology, maximizing the use of assembled industrialized products, which greatly reduces the workload of field operations and saves a lot of time. At the same time, after the external splicing, the whole hoisting is performed, and the on-site construction and the whole hoisting are interspersed to achieve the maximum efficiency. Functionally, the two hospitals can meet the needs of long-term use after completion. At the same time, due to the standardized and modular design, all buildings can be quickly dismantled and the components can be used after being disinfected.

Yuanda House prefabricated container house can be used as activity, office, accommodation, restaurant, bathroom, entertainment and combined large space. It could meet the needs of construction project camp, municipal temporary house, field operation camp, emergency placement room, school, hospital, tourist post station, RV room and various commercial rooms. This undoubtedly has played a good role in protecting the environment, which is very in line with the current needs..

Yuanda keeps focusing on providing one-stop service. It is a professional prefab house enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and installation. The new container prefab house developed by Yuanda House professional technical team is now officially launched. Yuanda House container house has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection, quick installation, convenient use, long service life, etc. The product has no loss in disassembly and assembly, do not produce construction waste. The structural materials of the prefab container must be solid and durable, with moderate price and convenient installation and maintenance. At least it could be used for more than 15 years. Therefore, the materials with high specifications should be used. That is the real cost-effective for users.

The construction time of Wuhan Huoshenshan hospital and Leishenshan hospital is short and the task is heavy. It adopts modular prefab building with very high assembly rate. The advantages of rapid construction of prefab building are brought into full play!

The general trend of prefabricated container house is coming. Welcome to consult any time if you have requiremetns