Chinese Speed: Sinomega Prefab Isolation House
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The COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc. Sinomega House (Qingdao) Co., Ltd, as an enterprise which involves in both production and trading, pays special attention to the latest situation of the epidemic, and cares about the safety of our customers and the people around the world.

The key point to control the disease is isolation.

Physical isolation - building a security isolation area. At present, many people with symptoms are isolated at home with less effective diagnosis and treatment. We have developed new products aiming at this situation to against the epidemic: Prefab Isolation House.

This products is specialized in treating suspected cases. Single-family design is easy to disassemble and single bed is better for preventing and controlling.

Prefab isolation house is adopt physical isolation to prevent pathogenic microorganism spreading form patients to patients through air. Thus it can basically prevent virus transmission.

We have received many orders and good comments from our regular clients since we issuing this kind of products , because it is so easy to install.


This isolation house is using for isolating the virus not love. In the battle against the epidemic, Sinomega would like to contribute to the global epidemic prevention.

The fright has been going on for a long time, we wish the patients a speedy recovery! Come on, world!

One world, one fight!

Customization acceptable. Welcome to consult in details. Take care.

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