Intelligent Thermal Scan Sanitization Integrated Channel, Its Ready to Go!
Release time:2020.04.27      Browse:278

With the development of the epidemic, more and more countries have realized the importance of epidemic prevention. Especially with the end of home isolation, people get back to work. Every country and enterprise need to consider how to ensure the safety of the workplaces and public places.

In the post-epidemic phase, what can we do to ensure economic recovery while avoiding another outbreak?

In order to meet the new demand of combating virus, two months ago Sinomega House(Qingdao) Company Limited has urgently developed a new product to anti virus-----Intelligent Thermal Scan Sanitization Integrated Channel. And we received strong feedback and good praises from regular clients and new clients after we launching the products into market.

Orders have been on the rise over the past two months .The factory is working continuously and at fully capacity in order to meet the urgent needs of this product. Also we will ensure the quality at the same time. The first batch of products have been packaged and loaded a few days ago and will be delivered to the customer soon.

At present, the market response of this product continues to heat up.If you need to order, welcome to contact in advance!



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