Export Volume of Yuanda Disinfection Channel Increased by 25% Compared on Last Month
Release time:2020-6-28      Browse:278

Due to the COVID-19 situation, with the "deceleration key" being pressed all over the world, the "acceleration mode" has gradually been opened in various countries. Recently, many countries have taken the first step of work resumption.


    In order to resume work, precaution measurements are essential. For companies and stores that resume work, the following epidemic prevention measurements must be pay attention on: take body temperature and keep safe distance; disinfection and cleaning should be done twice a day.

    Under this situation, Our Company newly developed product, Temperature measurement and disinfection channel , has played a key role. One person can finish the temperature measurement and full body disinfection within 10 seconds.During these three months, this new product has been widely used in public places such as shopping malls, banks, office areas.

    With the growth of customers around the world, the export volume of Yuanda Disinfection Channel increased by 25% compared on last month. Product feedback is quite positive, and return order are expedited. Our company has also invested in mass production to meet customer needs.


Factory production view


Export loading pictures


    A crisis will make us truly feel the end of one era and the opening of another new era. I hope Yuanda and you will work together to fight this worldwide battle, greet to the dawn of victory, and restore peace to the world.

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