Arranged Shipment For Steel Structure Platform Project
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Arranged Shipment Steel Structure Platform Project

With the epidemic abroad are slowly under control, overseas clients restart their projects. Our factory's production plan has been normalized this month. Recently, our team focused on the steel structure platform for our Sri Lanka customer. All the steel structure needs to be galvanized in order to reach the strict requirements for corrosion protection. According to more than 500 pages drawings from our client, we finished on time after one month’s hard working and ensure the high quality of our production at the same time. 


We made a thorough stuffing plan and marked its own code on the steel beam to help installment. Every detail is under control and a simple partition has been placed between each layer to prevent collapse during transportation and keep the container balanced.


With the cooperation of different departments, we successfully completed the loading in 3 days.

Hope the vessel arrives in destination port on time.


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