Prefabricated House Application in Construction of New Rural Area
Release time:2020.11.9      Browse:523

        With the rapid development of our economy, and the implement of energy saving policy, the prefabricated house receives high compliment due to its lightweight, earthquake proof, good thermal insulation, short construction time, pollution free, etc. Recently, Sinomega House (Qingdao) Co.,Ltd has brought this new green construction system to the rural area of Rizhao City, which has led the construction of new rural area.


People's dream of having a house has never stopped. Every imagination about a house is “safer, more comfortable, and more individualized”. In recent years, our country has also proposed a new housing industrialization policy - dry construction, and advocated a new concept of green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free construction. The prefabricated house is not only a completely replacement the traditional construction materials, it is also the formation of a new construction system. Prefabricated house uses light steel frame, has long life span. The design life is 50 years, and the actual use can reach 70 to 100 years. Because of this feature, prefabricated house has stood out in the construction of new rural areas.


In fact, not only the construction of new rural areas in China, we have also received a lot of inquiries from foreign customers about building houses in rural areas. Yes, when you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, running around for half a lifetime, who doesn't want to return to the fresh air of the rural life and build a home in that quiet place? In the past, construction cost was high; construction period was long; and approval procedures were complicated. Now it's different. Sinomega Group can customize reasonable and feasible plans according to customers'  requirements, to help you set up a green home outside the busy city.