Farewell 2020 and Hello 2021
Release time:2020.1.6      Browse:477

Dear Valued Customers,

The year of 2020, a different and difficult year for all of us, we would like to update you with the state of our company and express my deep gratitude for your support during this different year.


Safety of our employees

Qingdao, where our company is located, was not the center of Coronavirus in China, but our national and local governments took immediate action and treated it seriously. Therefore, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic – lockdowns, transportation pauses, and unstable supply chains – we were able to overcome them and deliver almost all orders on schedule. With the implementation of strict measures, we protected our employees effectively, and we are proud to inform you that no one at our company contracted the Coronavirus.

Doing business online

Even the global trade fairs cancelled, our business continued online by Alibaba, Made-in-China. etc. In addition to traditional means of communication, we created an online 360-degree virtual factory show. During the online Canton Fair, we streamed live product shows to our global partners and invited customers to engage in one-on-one meetings with Sinomega House sales professionals. We are thrilled to see that nothing can stop our mutual business partnership, not even the pandemic.

Speedy recovery and growth

I am also very happy to let you know that, despite the unprecedented challenges, almost every month we have new orders in our factory. Thanks to our loyal customers, faithful suppliers, and diligent staff, we won the battle against the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. We did this together.


Looking forward, we are optimistic about the recovery of the world economy. As vaccines rapidly roll out globally, it is only a matter of time before we can resume and embrace our normal life again. Sinomega House is ready to help you, our valued customers, to rise with the tide of recovery and growth.

On behalf of all of us from Sinomega House, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of 2021.