Finished the Prefab Hospital Project with 30 days
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Finished the Prefab Hospital Project with 30 days


    To isolate Chinese people come back from overseas or risky area during the Chinese spring festival, our Qingdao municipal government decide to build a quarantine hospital for temporarily use. Our company Sinomega House as the supplier of prefab AAC panel and block for this project.

On the aspect of AAC panel and blocks, we have advanced design concepts and design capabilities, strong manufacturing capabilities and on-site construction management capabilities to meet client’s strict requirements for low-carbon, environmental protection, rapid prototyping and other aspects of the project.


    Installation is basically completed in 30 days.

Under the general trend of the development of prefab construction industrialization, Sinomega strives to be the leader in technological innovation, continuously improves its reputation, actively expands the market, and continues to grow and develop in the fierce competition.


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