Product 1:RCB System House

    Steel Frame—Ribbed column Box System, or RCB system for short, is made with Japanese mature technology. This working principle is to connect steel beams and columns by high strength bolts to form ribbed column rigid wall and to enhance rigidity by fastening rod on the end, then all rigid walls combined further by wall connection to form a more stable box system.

    • Integral Construction

      Integral Construction of RCB System House

      SBS Waterproof Membrane

      Waterproof Layer

      OSB Board
      ALC Board
      H-Steel Beam
      Gypsum Board
      Asphalt Shingle
      Square Steel Column

    • Roof System

      Roof System of RCB System House

      Asphalt Shingle
      SBS Waterproof Membrane
      OSB Board
      Roof Beam

    • Structural Wall System

      Structural Wall System of RCB System House

      Gypsum Board
      Square Steel Column
      Fiber Glass Wool
      ALC Panel

    • Floor System

      Floor System of RCB System House

      Ceramic Tiles
      ALC Panel
      Floor Beam
      Gypsum Board

    • Steel Structure

      Construction installation design code and standards

      1.《Code for design of civil buildings》 (GB 50352-2005)

      2.《Code of Design on Building Fire Protection and Prevention》(GB 50016-2006)

      3.《Code for fire prevention in design of interior decoration of buildings》(GB 50222-95)

      4.《Technical Code for Roof Engineering》(GB 50345-2004)

      5.《Code for acceptance of construction quality of roof》 (GB 50207-2002)

      6.《Standard measurement for construction area of building》(GB/T 50353-2005)

      7.《Code for design of sound insulation of civil buildings》(GBJ 118-88)

      8.《Standard for daylighting design of buildings》(GB/T 50033-2001)

      9.《National Technical measurement for design of civil construction special edition》2007

      10.《Standard for lighting design of buildings》(GB50034-2004)

      11.《Code for design of steel structure》(GB50017-2003)

      12.《Unified standard for constructional quality acceptance of building engineering》(GB50300-2001)

      13.《Code for constructional quality acceptance of building decoration》(GB50210-2001)



      Structure installation design code and standards

      1.《Unified standard for reliability design of building structures》(GB50068-2001);

      2.《Load code for the design of building structures》 (GB50009-2012)

      3.《Code for seismic design of buildings》  (GB50011-2010);

      4.《Code for design of steel structure》   (GB50017-2003)

      5.《Specification for Design of Cold-Formed Thin-wall Steel Structures》 (GB50018-2002)

      6.《Technical specification for high strength bolt joint of steel structure》 (JGJ82-2011);

      7.《Building Foundation Design Code》 (GB50007-2011);

      8.《Acceptance specification of construction quality of steel structures》(GB50205-2001)

      Foundation Detail

       Stand Colunms

      Colunms Detail
      Colunms Detail

      Beams Details
      Fill the Concrete Floor
      Frame Finished

       Install Stairs
       Install Floor Panel
      Floor Panel Finished

      Install Wall Panel
      Wall Panel Finished
      Install Doors and Windows

      Putty for Exterior Wall
      Coating for Exterior Wall
      Pluming and Pipes

      Floor and Ceiling
      Inside Finished
      House Finished