Product 5:Thermal Scan Sanitization Station

    1.Accurate temperature measurement without contact

    Taking body temperature by using thermal imaging technology

    It can take the temperature and display the data on the screen. The accuracy of the data is less than or equal to ±0.5℃.The range of the data is between 25℃ to 45℃.

    Support automatic alarm of abnormal temperature, just need 1 second to obtain the result.


    2.Eliminate virus in three aspects

    Non-contact alcoholic sterilizer specially for hand disinfection. Non-contact inductive sprayer, effectively and safely sterilizes your hand.

    Quickly eliminate the virus in disinfection area by using food grade sterilized mist. Having intelligent inductive sprayer, safely eliminate all kinds of viruses without manual work.

    It has the function to remove dust from the sole of shoes. There is a carpet containing sterilized water in the disinfection channel. Your shoes will be disinfected when you walk though the carpet. Giving a thorough clean for your shoes.

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