Product 6: Prefab Isolation House

    Prefab isolation house can help medical workers to treat suspected cases in a better way.

     It adopts physical isolation to prevent pathogenic microorganism spreading form patients to patients through air. 

    Beside  it will save more time and labor with easy installation. We have received plenty of interests and good comments from our regular clients since we issuing this kind of products. 

    Customization acceptable. Welcome to consult in details.

    • Design Drawing

      Reasonable and concise design, make full use of every inch of space

    • Structure Material

      Adopting steel structure. Ensure the structure is stable and firm.

    • Material of Different Part

      Efficient Transportation. (Transportation saving up to 75%)

      Fast Construction. (Construction time reduced up to 40%; Installation can be achieved with five skilled workers)

    • Sample One

      Sample Two

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      Sample Seven